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The first agreement of the 2019: Z.M. Bobur Andijan State University, Uzbekistan
The first agreement of the 2019: Z.M. Bobur Andijan State University, Uzbekistan

On 28-29 January, a delegation from Andijan State University, represented by the Rector A.S. Yuldashev, the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovations B. M. Rasulov, the Head of International Relations Department F. Sh. Alimov, paid a return visit to National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University.

To recap, on October 18th , 2018, the first Russian-Uzbek educational forum «New personnel for the new economy» was held in Tashkent. More than 140 principals of educational centers of Russia and Uzbekistan and representatives of 80 leading universities of Russia took part in it. Mordovia State University was represented by the Rector S. M. Vdovin. Sergey M. Vdovin visited Andijan State University, got acquainted with its academic facilities and areas of activities, discussed issues of cooperation in the scientific and educational spheres, possibilities of networking. Following this, the agreement on cooperation between the two universities was signed. 

In return, guests from Uzbekistan were able to get familiar with the scientific, educational and social infrastructure of our university. The two-day programme was eventful. Colleagues from Andijan State University met the Rector and the Rectorate, as well as the University Senate, heads of core profile departments. The delegates talked to the administration and scientists of such faculties as: Economics, Philology, Geography, Mathematics and Information Technologies, Biotechnology and Biology, Foreign Languages, History and Sociology Institute.

The guests visited the accreditation and simulation center at the Medical Institute, the laboratories of the Physics and Chemistry Institute, the Institute of National and Folk Culture, the dormitories, sports and fitness Centre, ski lodge, volunteer center, M.M. Bakhtin centre, Museum of history of the university and many other auxiliary facilities.

Genuine interest was induced by "Technopark Mordovia". Members of the delegation were introduced to the main activities of the company, as well as to the main research and production sites, including the research laboratory of Mordovia State University engaged in synthesis and processing of single silicon carbide crystals. The guests also visited the educational laboratories of the children's technopark "Kvantorium", where they learned what the scientists of the University teach schoolchildren in the Republic of Mordovia.

During the cultural programme, the guests got acquainted with the historical part of the city, as well as visited the facilities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the main of which is the "Mordovia Arena" stadium, which hosted the matches of the World Cup 2018. 

The result of the two-day visit of the delegation from Andijan State University was the signing of an agreement on joint educational programmes. The document was signed by Rectors – S. M. Vdovin and A. S. Yuldashev. The agreement targets to develop and implement joint educational programmes in philology, biology, management and tourism, as well as the development of academic mobility.

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