Centre for Technologies Transfer

Director of the Center for Technology TransferAnastasiya A. Grishneva



  • overall coordination of the university subjects involved in the innovative activities;
  • innovative activities informational support;
  • advise and support in making the feasibility studies and business planning of the projects targeted at the commercialization of the deliverables of R&D activities (DRDA);
  • innovative developments marketing research;
  • searching for analogs of the innovative development and showing up the main competitors;
  • hunting for investors for DRDA commercialization;
  • budget evaluation of the deliverables of intellectual property (DIP);
  • initiation of the small innovative companies;
  • technological managers training;
  • check the idea's formal criteria compatibility and prospective commercial value estimation;
  • planning and running negotiations with the prospective investors and rights buyers;
  • financial design;
  • participation in R&D products fairs, conferences and workshops;
  • control over the process of commercialization of the University research teams' workouts.