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Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes

General information

Code: 23.03.03
Educational level: Higher education - bachelor
Qualification: Bachelor
Course duration (full-time): 4
Correspondence: 5
Educational standardФГОС_ВО_ЭТТМиК.pdf
Educational programmeОПОП ЭТТМиК АК.pdfОПОП ЭТТМиК ПР.pdf


Institute/faculty: Mechanics and Power Engineering Institute
Profile name: Automotive service
Educational planПлан_ЭТТМиК_ОФО_АК.pdfПлан ЭТТМиК ЗФО5 АК.PDFПлан ЭТТМиК ОФО ПР.PDF
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